"A Conversation with Donald Martino" by JAMES BOROS

"Donald Martino's Fantasy Variations: The First Three Measures" by JAMES BOROS

"MSHJ: Faith and Deeds in The White Island" by MARTIN BRODY

"Misreading Martino" by STEPHEN DEMBSKI

"Aspects of Row Structure and Harmony in Martino's Impromptu Number 6" by HENRY KLUMPENHOUWER

"Some Analytical Comments on Text and Music in Martino's 'Alone'" by ADAM KRIMS

"Point/Counter-Point: Donald Martino's Radical Statement of Mind and Soul" by ROBERT KYR

"Don—A Reminiscence and an Appreciation" by PETER LIEBERSON

"A Letter to Donald Martino" by MEL POWELL

"A Tribute to Donald Martino on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday (A Memoir)" by PHILLIP RHODES

"A Symmetry of Thought" by JEFFREY STADELMAN

"An Investigation of Structure and Experience in Martino Space" by ANTON VISHIO

"An 'Appreciation' of Donald Martino" by CHARLES WUORINEN

"For Don at 60, for piano" by ARTHUR BERGER

"Felice Compleanno, Maestro Don, for Bb clarinet" by MARSHALL BIALOSKY

"It's Good To Be Back, for electric guitar" by STEVE MACKEY

"Sy dolce non sono, for clarinet trio" by JEFF NICHOLS

"Martinomezzo (A Birthday Card), for Bb clarinet" by PHILLIP RHODES

"The Blue Voice of Air, for string quartet" by JAY ALAN YIM