"Why Complexity? (Part Two): (Guest Editor's Introduction)" by JAMES BOROS

"Elephantine Data Mist" by JAMES BOROS

"Composing a Viable (if Transitory) Self" by BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH in conversation with JAMES BOROS

"Developing an Interpretive Context: Learning Brian Ferneyhough's Bone Alphabet" by STEVEN SCHICK

"'Prima le parole . . .' (on the Sketches for Ferneyhough's Carceri d'invenzione I–III)" by RICHARD TOOP

"The Inner and Outer Complexity of Music" by BARRY TRUAX

"A View from the Piano Bench, or, Playing John Zorn's Carny for Fun and Profit" by STEPHEN DRURY

"Some Thoughts on the New Complexity" by ERIK ULMAN

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"Against Definition (1992)" by STUART SAUNDERS SMITH

"Art-tickle: Points to Ponder" by DARIA SEMEGEN